An outrage grew on social media when college students from Bangalore found out that their Personal and Private photos are uploaded to a porn site. A group of Bengaluru college students filed an incident complaint to the police in which two personas got arrested.

According to the police, these photos were taken from the student’s personal social media accounts. These photos are now removed from the porn website.

Many expressed their rage and outrage, condemning the persons involved for illegally used photos of these students. According to reports, a total of 30 pictures have been uploaded to the porn website.

According to one victim, they were alerted about their photos being uploaded on a porn website after a message was sent on the student’s class WhatsApp group. The photos were already uploaded for three months before they have learned about it. She was the first to email the porn website to remove her photos but was told that she doesn’t have any legal authority for the removal of the photos. They only took notice when several other students sent emails.

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